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5 Best Battery-Powered Leaf Blowers in 2024

5 Best Battery-Powered Leaf Blowers in 2024

Let’s talk about battery powered leaf blowers. Are they worth it? We are going to let you in on a cordless electric leaf blowers far outshine their gas powered or corded counterparts in a lot of ways. Our pick for the best battery powered leaf blowers is Greenworks Pro 80V model. All 5 of the leaf blowers in our top picks deserve your attention, and have endured our vetting process to make the list.

Our Top Picks: Best Battery-Powered Leaf Blowers

Our choice for the best-rated battery leaf blower is the Greenworks BL80L2510. Based on several criteria, it blew away the competition. That said, all five options below are excellent choices for different reasons. Have a look.

  • Best Overall: Greenworks BL80L2510From a trusted, eco-conscious brand, The Greenworks BL80L2510 is quiet, lightweight, and powerful, with a long battery life.
  • Best Green Pick: Greenworks 2400802Also from Greenworks is the 2400802, earning the Best Green Pick for Greenworks’ partnership with the Earth Day Network.
  • Best Budget: BLACK+DECKER LSW221The BLACK+DECKER LSW221 is everything you need in the best battery powered leaf blower at a price you can afford.
  • Best Lithium Battery: Makita XBU02PT1For extended battery life, choose the best lithium battery leaf blower, the Makita XBU02PT1.
  • Best Backpack: Powerworks BPB60L5To handle the big jobs, choose the best battery powered backpack leaf blower, the Powerworks BPB60L5.

Why Do I Need a Battery Powered Leaf Blower?

Piles of leaves in your yard don’t just suck — they blow. Although letting leaves lie where they fall is good for the Earth, soggy leaf-mush has a downside. In fact, rotting leaves even contain disease! (Ick!) Sometimes you just have to rake ’em up.

But raking leaves is backbreaking and tedious work, and gas power leaf blowers are smelly, loud, and dirty. Running a typical gas power leaf blower for one hour emits just as much pollution as 11 new cars. We couldn’t believe it either!

Need an alternative? You’ve come to the right place. The best battery operated leaf blowers are quieter, cleaner, and just as powerful as their gas power cousins. This article clues you in to this essential yard care tool.

1. Greenworks Leaf Blower BL80L2510

The best battery-powered leaf blower overall

Greenworks Blower 1

Brand: Greenworks / Noise: Low / Battery Life (High): 22 minutes / Power: 580 CFM & 145 MPH / Weight: 10 pounds / Price: 💰💰💰

The best-rated battery leaf blower needs to have it all: low noise, long battery life, a lightweight form factor, and a reasonable MSRP. Most of all, the best battery powered leaf blower needs to come from a brand that values Mother Earth, just like you.

That leaf blower is the Greenworks BL80L2510. It’s quiet and powerful, with a brushless motor and a turbo button putting leaf-obliterating power at the tips of your fingers. Airspeed is 580 CFM at 145 MPH.

Above all, this blower hums along for a solid 22 minutes on high, and a quick 40-minute charge of the Lithium-ion battery is all you need to get back in action.  

It also boasts a comfort over-mold grip, variable speed trigger, and cruise control, keeping you comfy while you tackle those Saturday chores.

There is only one battery included with purchase, and there are cheaper blowers available. But for the quality, we feel the BL80L2510 is priced just right.

  • Turbo button
  • Brushless motor
  • 40-minute charge

  • Higher price
  • Only one battery included

2. Greenworks 2400802

The best green battery-powered leaf blower

Greenworks Blower 2

Brand: Greenworks / Noise: Low / Battery Life (High): 14 minutes / Power: 390 CFM & 110 MPH / Weight: 9 pounds / Price: 💰💰

Also from Greenworks is the 2400802, the best green pick battery-powered leaf power. Greenworks works as hard for the environment as you do on your lawn. In 2020, the brand partnered with the Earth Day Network as the exclusive outdoor power equipment sponsor of Earth Day. Greenworks’ commitment to the environment is more than just a slogan. 

Otherwise, the 2400802 has the power you need to get the job done just as well as with those dirty and loud gas power blowers. It purrs for a solid 14 minutes on high after a 75-minute charge, while blasting leaves at 390 CFM and 110 MPH.

And it’s lightweight, at about 8.5 lbs, with variable cruise speed selection, and you can expect all the comfort and ease of use from Greenworks top-of-the-line ergonomics. The customer support is top-notch as well.

This blower may not be the best choice if you’ve got big piles of rotten leaves to clear, and some consumers wish the battery life was longer.

  • 110 MPH Airspeed
  • Ergonomic features
  • Eco-conscious brand

  • Best for small jobs
  • Battery life could be better


The best battery leaf blower on a budget

Black and Decker Blower

Brand: BLACK+DECKER / Noise: Medium / Battery Life (High): 20 minutes / Power: 130 MPH / Weight: 4 pounds / Price: 💰

If you’re in the market for a battery-operated leaf blower without breaking the bank, the best budget battery powered leaf blower is the BLACK+DECKER LSW221.

Technically a “sweeper,” meaning the power is not rated in CFMs, the LSW221 still scored similarly to the blowers in our ranking for low noise, high power, long battery life, and high blowing power. It’s like the little blower that could.

But where this product truly stands apart is price, with an MSRP as much as 50% less (on average) than the other leaf battery-powered blowers we featured.

With the LSW221, airspeed reaches up to an impressive 130 MPH. The tool is also lightweight, with low noise design, and it’s powered on a lithium-ion battery — charger and battery included with purchase — holding its charge for up to 18 months. That’s a year and a half!

Above all, the blower is super lightweight, making it a top pick when mobility issues and ease-of-use are of particular concern. That said, consumers noticed there’s no leaf collection bag, and it’s best to use it on small yards since it’s a sweeper-style leaf blower.

  • Lightweight
  • Excellent price
  • 130 MPH airspeed

  • No leaf collection bag
  • “Sweeper” design is best for small spaces

4. Makita XBU02PT1

The best lithium battery leaf blower

Makita Blower

Brand: Makita / Noise: Low / Battery Life (High): 28 minutes / Power: 473 CFM & 120 MPH / Weight: 9 pounds / Price: 💰💰💰

Lithium-ion batteries are long-lasting and rechargeable. What else could you want powering your leaf blower? 

The Makita XBU02PT1 leads this class with four — count ’em, four — lithium-ion batteries (and a charger) included with purchase. Best of all, this blower’s MSRP is just slightly more than other blowers with one battery. Suffice to say, by choosing the Makita XBU02PT1, you’ll get more battery power at a very similar cost. 

Other things that caught our attention about the Makita XBU02PT1 include 28 minutes of run time on a quick, 45-minute charge. And air power that blows 120 mph at 473 CFM. Impressive!

Also not to be missed is the six-stage air velocity and volume selection dial, including easy speed selection with a variable control trigger. There is no turbo function, however, and the product could earn higher marks for ergonomics based on consumer reviews.

  • 45-minute charge
  • Variable speed control trigger
  • 4 batteries included, with charger

  • No turbo feature
  • Ease of use issues

5. Powerworks BPB60L510PW

The best battery-powered backpack leaf blower

Powerworks Blower

Brand: Powerworks / Noise: Medium / Battery Life (High): 27 minutes / Power: 540 CFM & 140 MPH / Weight: 14 pounds / Price: 💰💰💰💰

Despite being heavier than handheld leaf blowers, backpack leaf blowers keep your hands free while in use. They’re powerful enough for big yards or really any large area covered in leaves or difficult-to-clear debris.

We chose the lightweight and quiet Powerworks BPB60L510PW for its high power ratings. Those darn piles of leaves don’t stand a chance against this blower’s 540 CFM and 140 MPH turbo settings blast. 

Running a brushless motor, the blower is powered by a lithium-ion battery, included with purchase. Running for 27 minutes on high, the blower also boasts a variable speed trigger and cruise control. 

For comfort, the leaf blower comes complete with a padded harness, and it’s all protected by a 4-year warranty on the tool and a 2-year warranty on the battery.

This blower is not well suited for wet leaves, and you will pay more for a backpack leaf blower in general. But the added comfort for big jobs is worth it.

  • Padded harness
  • 140 MPH turbo setting
  • Lithium-ion battery included

  • Bit pricey
  • Not great on wet leaves

What to Look for in a Battery-Powered Leaf Blower

Battery Leaf Blowers
Image by Bogdanhoda / Canva Photos

In addition to battery-powered leaf blowers being better for the environment, operating without fuel and oil, and requiring a lot less maintenance, here are the five factors we ranked each blower on and how each one can make or break a leaf blower.

1. Noise

Anyone who’s been woken up early in the morning by a neighbor’s leaf blower knows that leaf blowers are noisy. 

The average leaf blower blasts about 77 dB(A). Battery operated leaf blowers are on average quieter than gas power leaf blowers, and all the blowers in our ranking range in the low-to-mid 60s dB(A). 

To get a sense for how much quieter a blower with a noise rating in the low-to-mid 60s is than the average 77 dB(A) blower, consider this: every 6 dB(A) reduction equals a 50 percent decrease in noise.

2. Power

Leaf blowers clear leaves with air… that’s kind of the point. Now, leaf blower airspeed is measured in both CFM (cubic feet per minute) and MPH (miles per hour). 

While it’s sometimes true that high MPH equals more power, it’s not always the case. To most accurately judge the power of a leaf blower, check the CFM. That’s how many leaves you’re going to move per foot.

500 CFM is a good average for a leaf blower, and we chose blowers as close to 500 CFM as possible. That said, the best CFM and MPH for you is going to depend on the size of your yard or the space that needs clearing. 

Some blowers come with variable speed settings, cruise control, and even turbo for extra stubborn leaves. We gave a little extra love wherever this applied.

3. Battery Life

You’re done with your smelly old gas power leaf blower, and you’re ready to switch to battery-powered. But how do you know you won’t constantly be recharging your batteries while the leaves pile up in your yard?

To avoid this scenario, durable and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are your best choice. A good average for charging vs. charge time is about 20–30 minutes on high for less than an hour in charging time. Running your blower on any setting besides high will, of course, suck less battery juice.

In our ranking, we tried to balance high battery power with short charging time and made mention when the battery and charger are included with the leaf blower.

4. Weight 

While battery-operated leaf blowers are a bit lighter than gas power models, they’re slightly heavier than corded electric leaf blowers because of the added weight of the battery. A backpack blower will weigh even more than the handheld sort.

In this article, we kept an eye out for blowers weighing between 5 and 10 pounds. This is generally considered the sweet spot for battery operated leaf blowers.

5. Price

Battery-powered leaf blowers are, on average, a lot cheaper than gas-powered models. 

While you can find electric leaf blowers as cheap as $35, most will cost you in the range of $200-$300 dollars. That’s while a decent gas blower will run you at least $400, sometimes more for a similar CFM. 

On the value to power ratio, though, there’s no reason not to go with a battery-powered leaf blower. Mother Earth will thank you.

The leaves, on the other hand, might have a different opinion…

Our Process

For this guide on battery-powered leaf blowers, our team spent 3 hours researching the most popular models from over 25 brands and manufacturers big and small. We then read about a hundred twenty-five user reviews (both positive and negative) to discover what shoppers thought about each blower. After comparing this data, we narrowed our list down to the top 5 battery-powered leaf blowers on the market. You can count on this research to guide you to a mindful purchasing decision.

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