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6 Best Smart Refrigerators in 2024

6 Best Smart Refrigerators in 2024

Smart tech is now a part of our everyday lives, including in our kitchens. If you’ve resisted upgrading to a smart fridge, you don’t know what you’ve been missing. The best smart refrigerators offer features like integration with Alexa and Google Assistant, as well as smart temperature control helping your food stay fresh longer. Many also work with remote operation for convenience, and superior, energy-efficient lighting, saving both money and energy.

If you’re anything like me, owning the best smart fridge seemed like an extravagance at first. After researching these products, though, it’s clear there’s a smart fridge for every budget. There are smart fridges for families, small kitchens, and of course, smart fridges for a splurge purchase if that’s what you desire—and why not? You deserve it. Most importantly, though, smart fridges are a lot eco-friendlier than older-generation refrigerators, and that’s never a bad thing.

If you’re finally remodeling that kitchen, consider a smart fridge. Your stomach (and your energy bill) will thank you. 

Our Top Picks

Take a peek inside what we liked about each smart fridge in this article:

LG LFXC22596SBest Smart Fridge Overall: LG LMXS28596S
Instaview Door-in-Door is just one feature earning the LG best overall smart fridge in our ranking.
Bosch B11CB50SSSBest Eco Smart Fridge: Bosch B11CB50SSS
With LED lighting and VitaFresh technology, Bosch scored best eco-smart fridge in our estimation.
Bosch B36CL80SNSBest for Small Kitchens: Bosch 800 Series B36CL80SNS
Compact yet powerful, the best smart fridges for small kitchens come from Bosch.
Samsung RF28R7351SGBest for Families: Samsung RF28JBEDBSG
Big enough to feed the hungriest teenager, Samsung makes the best smart fridge for families.
LG LFCC22426SBest Budget: LG LFCC22426S
The best budget smart fridge from LG brings you all the smart convenience at a price you can afford.
Cafe CWE23SP4MW2Best Splurge: Cafe CWE23SP4MW2
If you’re assembling the kitchen of your dreams, choose Cafe for the best splurge smart fridge on the market.

Best Smart Refrigerators: A Closer Look

Dig in for a complete picture of why each smart fridge earned its spot in our ranking.

1. LG LFXC22596S

The best smart refrigerators overall

LG LFXC22596S best smart refrigerators

Brand: LG | Capacity: 22.1 cu. ft. | Depth: 28.75” | Height: 68.75” | Installation Depth: Counter | Price: 💰💰

Ever dreamed of seeing what’s in your fridge without actually opening the door? Well, with LG InstaView you can! Knock twice, and the door-in-door panel illuminates, showing you what’s inside while the fridge stays closed. And this feature is about much more than just convenience. Keeping the door closed, you see, helps keep cold air trapped, meaning the fridge runs more efficiently, saving power and money. 

Otherwise, we like the two humidity-controlled crisper drawers available with the unit and the ColdSaver panel. Keeping your food fresher longer and therefore minimizing trips to the grocery store. There are smart cooling system and dual ice makers. The fridge even responds to voice commands. Consumers agree this LG model deserves the honor of best smart fridge overall, commenting on the outer door for quick-grab items, easy install with the counter-depth smart fridge, and excellent build. 

There’s also tons of space, with multiple compartments to store fruit, veg, and dairy, and three different ice options. Our choice for the best smart fridge truly does save both energy and money, according to consumers—what could be better?

  • Self-closing doors
  • Easy to change water filter
  • Crushed ice/regular ice with water
  • Ice has the potential to build up rather quickly
  • Some tall items don’t fit without removing a shelf

2. Bosch B11CB50SSS 

The best eco-friendly smart refrigerator

Bosch B11CB50SSS best smart refrigerators

Brand: Bosch | Capacity: 11 cu. ft. | Depth: 25.75” | Height: 78.875” | Installation Depth: Counter | Price: 💰💰

How smart could a fridge be without also being eco-friendly? Not very, in our opinion, and the best eco-smart fridge in our ranking comes from Bosch. Leading-off the list of eco-friendly features is the HydroFresh drawer, keeping fruits and veggies fresher longer. The energy-efficient LED lighting illuminates the interior. There’s also VitaFresh technology, which also helps keep your produce crispy and green. And we especially like the electronic controls for precise temperature management through the MultiAirFlow cooling system. Also notable: the hidden-hinge reversible doors allowing next-to-wall placement, saving additional space. 

This Bosch isn’t the biggest smart fridge, and it’s best-suited for urban apartment and condo kitchens. Those who’ve tried the fridge especially like the fridge/freezer combo and the wine rack. The fridge runs silent, which we like to hear, and there’s no-kneeling required when retrieving snacks off that bottom shelf. Most don’t mind that there’s not an ice maker (make ice in a tray like the old days!), and otherwise, there’s plenty of crisper space. One consumer commented the fridge even helped reduce throwing out spoiled food-—and there’s nothing eco-friendlier than that.

  • True counter depth
  • Well-designed interior
  • Works well for family of four
  • No freezer light
  • Insufficient door bins, for some
  • Freezer drawer tends to fall out

3. Bosch B36CL80SNS

The best smart fridge for small kitchens

Bosch B36CL80SNSbest smart refrigerators

Brand: Bosch | Capacity: 21 cu. ft. | Depth: 28.625” | Height: 71.50” | Installation Depth: Counter | Price: 💰💰💰

Speaking of kitchens where space is a premium: Our choice for the smart fridge for small kitchens comes from Bosch. What we like best about this relatively small capacity smart fridge otherwise is the innovative FarmFresh System, the FlexBar for better organization—which is important where space is limited—and the drip-free interior water dispenser. (If you’re also wondering who makes the best smart fridge, overall, Bosch could be your brand, next to LG, possibly). 

Also not to be missed is the LED lighting, full-width chiller drawer, and wide, gallon door bins. All this combined proving a lot more can fit in a small fridge than you might at first suspect. With this Bosch unit, you’ll also be able to control your smart fridge features from your smartphone or tablet using Home Connect. Otherwise, the modern touch-controls are conveniently located. Consumers who love the fridge comment on the interior water and ice water dispenser, meaning the ice maker is actually on the outside, which is an additional space-saving measure. There’s also a well-reviewed refrigerator/freezer drawer that one comment calls a “game changer.”

  • Super quiet
  • Simple and functional
  • Stainless steel back panel
  • Freezer a tad bit small
  • Interior water dispenser takes some getting used to
  • Small space management, in terms of food storage

4. Samsung RF28R7351SG

The best family smart refrigerator

Samsung RF28R7351SG best smart refrigerators

Brand: Samsung | Capacity: 27.8 cu. ft. | Depth: 34” | Height: 68.9” | Installation Depth: Standard | Price: 💰💰💰

Got a house full of hungry mouths to feed? Listen up, because our choice for best smart fridge for families is for you. This large-capacity well-reviewed Samsung refrigerator offers a food showcase door, cutting down on those, “Mom?! Dad?! What’s to eat?!” questions, because with Samsung, all the food is plainly on display. 

Otherwise, we love the FlexZone drawer with four temperature settings and the AutoFill water pitcher. What’s cool about this feature is that it automatically refills with filtered water, and it can be infused with flavors of your choice, helping kids stay interested in drinking H2O. 

Consumers love how versatile the shelving and storage units are, and the freezer is spacious, according to reviews—perfect for grab ‘n’ go microwave snack for your teenagers and their friends. The unit runs quietly, we learned, and the exterior has a fingerprint-resistant stainless finish, preventing little sticky finger smudges. There are three color options to fit any kitchen decor, and of course, the unit is Energy Star certified. It’s also important to note the fridge comes in both standard and counter-depth installation, and though it is a bit spendy, it’s worth it. 

  • Holds cold temperatures well
  • Plenty of space, and very economical to run
  • Flex drawer great for kid’s drinks and snacks
  • Some pitcher durability issues reported
  • Quantity of ice dispensed hard to control
  • Counter depth too small for some families

5. LG LFCC22426S 

The best smart refrigerators on a budget


Brand: LG | Capacity: 23 cu. ft. | Depth: 28.75” | Height: 68.38” | Installation Depth: Counter | Price: 💰

For those who want the luxury of a smart fridge without the hefty price tag, we suggest the next LG counter-depth, french door refrigerator as the best budget smart fridge in our ranking. This well-reviewed, reasonably-priced appliance offers plenty of space with a smart cooling system and linear compressor, reacting quickly to temperature fluctuations. There’s also door cooling to keep items stored there as fresh as possible. Other features we especially liked include:

  • The two humidity-controlled crisper drawers.
  • A 3-layer air filter.
  • A smart pull handle for easy opening and closing.

There’s even an alert if the door is left open.

But don’t just take our word for it. Those who enjoy the fridge call the door compartments spacious, adding that somehow, nothing gets lost in the back of the shelves, an annoying problem with other fridge models. We like to hear that the unit runs quietly, users stating they can “hardly hear it run at all.” The handles don’t protrude too far from the door, saving space, and we also learned the fridge light is nice ‘n’ wide for that late-night snack run. There’s no water or ice dispenser in the door, though, so you’ll just have to get your drinks the old fashioned way. 

  • Ice maker in the freezer
  • Smudge resistant finish
  • Clean and modern looking
  • Veg drawers a bit small
  • Little small for a family of four
  • Plastic hinge moldings limit overhead cabinet space

6. Cafe CWE23SP4MW2

The best splurge smart refrigerator

Cafe CWE23SP4MW2

Brand: Cafe | Capacity: 23.1 cu. ft. | Depth: 28.75” | Height: 69” | Installation Depth: Counter | Price: 💰💰💰💰

Remodeling your kitchen just the way you like it? Don’t spare any expense. Choose, instead, this Cafe unit, our choice for the best splurge smart fridge in our ranking. Offered in a broad range of finishes, the appliance looks great, but that’s not all. It’s also spacious, with showcase LED lighting, a factory-installed ice maker, and in-the-door controls with a temperature display. There’s also an advanced filtration water dispenser using RPWFE replacement filters. The voice control hub works with Alexa and Google assistant. 

Those indulging in the Cafe fridge comment on the deep door space. Adding the appliance is functional and easy to keep organized. It looked great in a new remodel, according to one satisfied user’s experience, and most agree that the water dispenser is fabulous and the ice freezer is great. It looks like a built-in, and the versatile shelving accommodates food products in a broad range of shapes and sizes. The freezer is also easily accessible, and items are easy to arrange in the large bin and drawer. 

  • Interior lighting
  • Stainless finish easy to clean
  • Small footprint for dinner parties
  • Louder than expected
  • Freezer door a bit heavy
  • Dairy area only fits one egg carton

How We Chose

Woman using the Best Smart Refrigerator to make dinner
Image by Canva Photos

When shopping for the best smart fridge, there’s a lot to know. Here’s what we looked for in each refrigerator included in this article:


Energy Star Rating

Refrigerators consume a lot of energy. For this reason, we only included refrigerators with the Energy Star Rating, helping you save both money and power. 


Freezer Configuration

Freezer configuration is mostly a matter of personal preference, so we included a variety of freezer configurations to suit your needs. Top-mounted freezers are a bit more energy-efficient, however.


What size refrigerator do you need?

The right-sized fridge for your home depends a lot on how many people are using it. We generally recommend choosing a fridge with about 4 to 6 cubic feet of space per person. If you’re feeding teenagers, err on the side of a larger fridge.


What fridge features do you need?

You’ll be presented with a lot of fancy features when shopping for a smart refrigerator; some you may not have even been aware are available in a fridge. Ask yourself what features are truly important, and which ones you can do without. That way, you won’t be dazzled by a bunch you won’t end up using. To this end, we described only the features we felt were most relevant. 

Last, when shopping for a new fridge of any sort, it’s important to recycle the old one, and to check with your local utility provider for any possible rebates. 

Our Process

For this guide on the best smart refrigerators, our team spent 5 hours researching the most popular options from over 30 brands and manufacturers big and small. We then read about thirty user reviews (both positive and negative) to discover what shoppers thought about each smart refrigerator. After comparing this data, we narrowed our list down to the top 6 on the market. You can count on this research to guide you to a mindful purchasing decision.

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