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Best Yoga Socks in 2024: Top 7 Picks for Your Practice

Best Yoga Socks in 2024: Top 7 Picks for Your Practice

For yogis, having the right equipment can make or break your practice. These days, sticky socks for yoga, otherwise known as yoga socks, have risen in popularity. Yoga socks are a portable, convenient way to enhance your practice, especially if you travel a lot and don’t have room for a whole yoga mat. To make things a little easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best yoga socks of the year. Our personal favorite? The Ozaiic Yoga Socks. They are solid classic yoga socks, with straps for security and an average price point.

Our Top Picks: Best Yoga Socks

Short on time? Check out our quick list of top picks:

1. Ozaiic Yoga Socks

The best yoga socks overall


Brand: Ozaiic | Type: Ballet Socks w/ Full Toe Coverage | Fit: Women’s (1 Size) | Styles: 7 | Price: 💰💰

The Ozaiic yoga socks are perfect for those who want extra security due to their ballet-style ankle straps. These are a one-size-fits-most product, as they fit women’s size 5.5-11. They don’t have toe holes and fit like a regular low-rise footie sock (but with ankle straps). You can buy the socks in packs of one to four pairs. Most packages come in grey or black, but you can buy a multi-pack with various colors if you prefer something a little brighter.

These socks are trendy on Amazon, and most reviewers were thrilled with the grip, comfort, and design of these yoga socks. Some noted the straps are not sewn on tightly, so they started to fray quickly. For others, they simply didn’t fit correctly, although most thought they were the perfect fit.

  • The design is cute
  • Very comfortable fit
  • Socks have excellent grip

  • Straps frayed/tore
  • Didn’t fit properly for some

2. It’s All Goods Non-Slip Yoga Socks

The best yoga socks on a budget

It's All Goods

Brand: It’s All Goods | Type Ballet Socks w/ Full Toe Coverage | Fit: Women’s (1 Size) | Styles: 2 | Price: 💰

These yoga socks are the perfect mix of low-price and high-quality. They are cotton, fit like footie socks (no toe holes), and come with some thin straps for extra security. They come in a single size but are stretchy and should fit most feet, although it’s worth noting they are designed for women, specifically. It’s All Goods yoga socks have grippy bottoms and come in black or pink colors.

Although these yoga socks didn’t have very many reviews, they were positive overall. Most found the design to be cute, exceptionally comfortable to wear, and perfectly grippy for yoga. One buyer even mentioned enjoying wearing them around the house because they were so comfortable! There was one review mentioning the socks being the wrong size for them, and one person mentioned that they preferred going barefoot. But no other reviews were negative.

  • Cute design
  • Very comfortable
  • Grips are perfect for helping with balance

  • Did not fit well
  • Wasn’t as effective as going barefoot

3. Hylaea Yoga Socks

The best toe socks for yoga


Brand: Hylaea | Type: Toe Socks | Fit: Women’s (4 Sizes) | Styles: 6 | Price: 💰💰💰

These cotton and spandex yoga socks are some of the best toe socks for yoga. They come in multiple colors and have silicone grips on the bottom. The material will keep your feet from sweating and allow full toe flexibility with their toe holes. The toe holes cut off at the end, so your entire toe won’t be in the fabric. Straps are part of the design of these toe socks for maximum comfort and security.

Overall, buyers loved these toe socks. Their inclusive sizes allowed people with feet of all sizes to use them. The grips were very successful at keeping yogis from slipping around, and buyers loved how comfortable and stylish these toe socks are. There were still some who thought the quality of the socks left something to be desired, and one reviewer mentioned they were not as non-slip as some other brands they had used before.

  • Fit many sizes of foot
  • Keeps feet from slipping
  • Very comfortable and cute

  • Poor quality
  • Not as non-slip as other brands

4. YogaAddict Full Toe Socks

The best full-toe yoga socks


Brand: YogaAddict | Type: Toe Socks w/ Full Coverage | Fit: Unisex (1 Size) | Styles: 1 | Price: 💰💰

These toe socks fully cover your toes and have grip lines all over the sole and toe parts of the sock. They are perfect for those who still want an extra grip on their toes while being able to move them individually. They come in a pair of three: one black, one grey, and one grey with blue grip lines, and are machine washable on a gentle cycle. The socks should rest just over your ankle for a secure fit, and they don’t have any straps.

YogaAddict’s toe yoga socks are well-liked by their buyers. Although there are not an exorbitant amount of reviews online like with some other yoga socks, the vast majority of them were very positive. Buyers loved the fit of these socks, as well as how durable they were after being washed. They were also impressed with the price for the value of the product. Despite all the good, one buyer did receive their socks with a hole in one of them, and another wished that the grip lines were just slightly grippier.

  • They fit exceptionally well
  • Great product for the value
  • Remained intact after several washes

  • One buyer received one with a hole in it
  • Not as grippy as necessary for some routines

5. YogaPaws SkinThin Yoga Socks and Gloves

The best yoga socks and gloves


Brand: YogaPaws | Type: Gloves/Socks Combo | Fit: Unisex (4 Sizes) | Styles: 5 | Price: 💰💰💰💰

These socks and gloves from YogaPaws are genuinely one of a kind. The socks fit around your foot but do not cover the toes or the heel. A strap fits around the heel to hold it firmly in place. The gloves are fingerless and secure at the wrist. This set comes in various colors, and come in four unisex sizes. The socks and gloves both have a full layer of natural rubber on the bottoms for a superior grip for all terrains.

Buyers were pleased with their YogaPaws, overall. They loved the grip of the rubber bottoms and appreciated the ventilation since the gloves and socks didn’t completely cover the fingers and toes. One buyer who had her socks and gloves for a year was happy to report that they had not worn out or torn at all. On the flip side, one reviewer found that they didn’t fit correctly, and another loved them but had a hard time with the strong rubber smell.

  • They last, don’t tear or rip
  • Rubber bottoms are very grippy
  • Allows feet and hands to ventilate and stay cool

  • Don’t fit everyone correctly
  • Smell very strongly of rubber

6. Tucketts Yoga Socks

The most colorful yoga socks

Tucketts Yoga Socks

Brand: Tucketts | Type: Open-Toe Socks | Fit: Women’s (1 Size) | Styles: 12 | Price: 💰💰

Tucketts’ yoga socks come in an array of color combinations and even have some arch support for those with high arches. They are strap-free and fit like regular socks, rising just over the ankle. They are open-toed and only attach between the big and second toe, rather than between every toe. Most of the options are women’s sizes, but there are a couple of options for men!

Most reviewers loved these yoga socks due to how comfortable and non-slip they were. They were also impressed that the socks were able to remain sticky after being washed. Many were also pleased with Tucketts customer service quality. However, some thought the socks were not worth the money and found they did not hold up in the long-run. 

  • Soft and comfortable
  • Excellent customer service
  • Stay non-slip even after several washes

  • Low-quality socks
  • Didn’t last a long time

7. Tucketts Knee High Yoga Socks

The best knee-high yoga socks

Tucketts High Yoga Socks

Brand: Tucketts | Type: Knee-High Socks w/ Open Toes | Fit: Women’s (1 Size) | Styles: 6 | Price: 💰💰

These yoga socks from Tucketts are the perfect option for those who like to keep warm! They are knee-high but keep toes free to breathe. We love that these come in multiple colors and are machine-washable while maintaining their stick. For those who need some arch support, they compress around the arch for some stability.

Overall, buyers loved these socks. They loved how comfortable and cute they are, and were pleased with how grippy the bottoms were, even after being washed. However, a few buyers did mention the socks seemed to run small, so this may be something to watch out for, especially if you have large calves. 

  • Very comfortable
  • The style is appealing
  • Bottoms are very grippy

  • They run small
  • Not as comfortable as anticipated (for some users)

What to Look for in the Best Yoga Socks

Woman Wearing the Best Yoga Socks
Image by Yacob Chuk / Canva Photos

Let’s break down the various styles of non-slip yoga socks so you can find the right one for you!

1. Ballet, AKA Ankle Strap, Socks

Yoga socks with an ankle strap are ideal for those who want to feel extra secure and have issues slipping out of regular socks. It may work best for people with small ankles.

2. Ankle Sock

Ankle socks for yoga are very similar to regular old ankle socks. The only difference may be that they are open-toed and/or have individual toe holes, covered or uncovered. This is a classic style that most likely will work for the average person who wants something simple and strapless.

3. Knee-High

This is for those who run a little on the cold side. Or, for those who like the fashion aspect of knee-high yoga socks, which is also a perfect reason to buy some!

Open Toe & Close Toe Yoga Socks

All of these different types of yoga socks come in two variants: open toe and close toe.

Open Toe

For some of us, yoga (or any type of exercise) can make us incredibly sweaty and warm. For those who have this inconvenient condition, it is probably a good idea to get a sock that is open-toed and doesn’t insulate the whole foot. Regardless of if you want individual toe holes or not, just make sure you get something open-toed if you get hot!

Close Toe

On the other hand, if you run cold, definitely get close-toed yoga socks. This may also be helpful if your feet aren’t sticking enough to your floor or mat, because close-toed yoga socks are non-slip even at the tip of the toe.

Our Process

For this guide on yoga socks, our team spent 9 hours researching the most popular options from over 10 brands and manufacturers big and small. We then read about one hundred user reviews (both positive and negative) to discover what shoppers thought about each pair of socks. After comparing this data, we narrowed our list down to the top 7 yoga socks on the market. You can count on this research to guide you to a mindful purchasing decision.

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