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Almond Oil Cosmetic Ingredients

Benefits of Almond Oil for Health, Appearance, & More

Almonds are a nutrient-dense food that our bodies love. They contain antioxidants, healthy fats, fibers, vitamins, and minerals that help us stay healthy. You might be surprised to learn that most solid almonds we snack on can be pressed into oil. This oil still bears the same nutrients but can be used in countless more

The Benefits of Charcoal Soap

Benefits of Charcoal Soap: Activated Charcoal Fact or Fiction?

Activated charcoal is an incredibly popular cosmetic ingredient that’s been around for hundreds of years. More recently, it’s made a resurgence in popular skincare and health products. There are real benefits of charcoal soap that make it worth using. Some claim it to be a miracle product that draws out toxins and acts as a

Woman Holding the Best Organic Tampons

The 8 Best Organic Tampons in 2021

Tampons. No one likes to talk about them (or what’s in them), yet they are necessary for most menstruating individuals. Most name brand tampons are processed with all kinds of chemicals (sometimes even pesticides — what the heck?) that are terrible for your body. This is why the best organic tampons have made an appearance

Best Workout Shirts for Women

7 Best Workout Shirts for Women in 2021

You’re at the gym working out and working up a sweat. Your body feels great, but your cotton shirt is becoming uncomfortably hot and see-through. You power through the workout, but leave feeling flustered and embarrassed. Sound familiar? There are few things worse than poor-quality, ill-fitting clothing when you’re trying to work out. Fortunately, the

Best Natural Lip Balm

7 Best Natural Lip Balms in 2021

Lip balm: we take it everywhere with us. We use it to keep our lips soft and crack-free, and we use it ALL THE TIME. The things we eat and put on our skin absorb into our bodies, even lip balm. So, let’s start using lip balms that have natural ingredients that won’t cause any

Best Workout Shirts for Men

7 Best Workout Shirts for Men in 2021

Leading an active lifestyle is essential for your health. This is especially true in today’s age, where we’re often sitting for work, school, and play. While dieting is one way to keep your body fit, you can’t overlook the conditioning offered by exercise. Working out is hard, yes, but there are things you can do to make the

The Best Cardio Exercise for Bad Knees

Best Cardio Exercise for Bad Knees

Experts recommend that everyone should get about 30 minutes of moderate-intensity cardiovascular exercise a day. If you have bad knees though, getting enough cardio can be a challenge — and too much of the wrong kind of cardio can worsen the pain. If that’s the situation you’re in, there’s hope. The best cardio exercise for

Best Natural Dry Shampoo With Brush

7 Best Natural Dry Shampoos in 2021

Dry shampoo is a staple in many women’s arsenal of hair products. Instead of using dry shampoos with harmful ingredients, and wasteful aerosol containers, you may want to find some natural dry shampoo to replace your regular one. This way, you can keep your hair fresh, without permitting toxic ingredients into your body! To make

Best Yoga Towels

7 Best Yoga Towels in 2021

Unless you’ve been meditating in a secluded temple for the past decade, you probably witnessed the meteoric rise of yoga. Among the most popular varieties is hot yoga, commonly known as Bikram Yoga. It’s very similar to regular yoga, only the heat is cranked up to 100 (quite literally). Those who’ve tried hot yoga understand

How to Do Dips at Home Feature

How to Do Dips at Home: With and Without Equipment

The best thing about dips is that they’re really easy to do. The second best thing is that they don’t require much equipment. With just simple things around the house, you can do dips correctly and get the same great results you’d get at the gym. Lots of people, for example, add dips to their

Best Workout Pants for Women

7 Best Workout Pants for Women

Finding the best workout pants for women is crucial for your routine. There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of an intense workout and feeling uncomfortable because your clothes don’t fit. Or, worse yet, feeling suddenly exposed by your paper-thin leggings and the rapid onset of sweat. It’s true — what you wear while exercising can

Best Dip Bars

Best Dip Station for Home Gym of 2021: Best Dip Bars

Dips are a great exercise to strengthen your arms, back, shoulders, upper chest, and triceps, all at once. They’ll even strengthen your elbow joints. Start with your body weight, and over time, add a dip belt for an extra challenge. Part of what makes dips so effective is that they’re a closed kinetic chain exercise,