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Best Sleep Masks

6 Best Sleep Masks in 2021

Sleep is one of the most important contributors to human mental and physical health. For those who work night shifts, get migraines, or need total darkness to sleep, it can be difficult to get healthy amounts of sleep on the regular. With the best sleep masks, you can achieve a restful night’s sleep and wake

Best Ab Rollers

7 Best Ab Rollers in 2021

Some say that abs are made in the kitchen. This is partly true, since you’ll have to reduce your body fat percentage to make those muscles visible. But the main factor is your training. That’s why the best ab rollers are so essential — they engage your core like nothing else so that you can

Best Balance Boards

10 Best Balance Boards in 2021

Seeking balance in your life? You’ve got to check out the best balance boards! These mind and body training accessories offer a myriad of health benefits, from improving focus to strengthening your core and balance systems. Plus, they add a sprinkle of fun to any workout routine. Our favorite balance board is the Revolution 101,

Powerlifting vs. Bodybuilding

Powerlifting vs. Bodybuilding: What’s the Difference?

If you’re wondering about powerlifting vs. bodybuilding, you’ve come to the right place.  There’s a lot of terminology to learn when you first get into weightlifting. When I first started, I didn’t know the difference between a squat rack and a half rack, or a deadlift and a deadweight. I’m pretty sure my gym buddy thought I

Waterpik vs. Flossing

Waterpik vs. Flossing: Which is Better?

Oral hygiene is an integral part of one’s daily habits and key to preventing tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease. One of the critical elements of oral cleanliness? Flossing! We’re going to dive into the Waterpik vs. flossing debate. While dental floss is the most common technique used to clean between teeth, the Waterpik (AKA

Benefits of Sauna

Benefits of Sauna After Workouts: Steam and Dry Saunas

Have you had a coach or a trainer tell you, “Hit the sauna after a workout?” Some variation of that has been in so many TV shows and movies about sports, it’s a cliche. Ever stopped to wonder what the benefits of sauna after workouts are — besides, of course, awesome, feel-good, sauna stuff? There

Best Yoga Straps

9 Best Yoga Straps of 2021

If you’re like most yogis, you want to find the latest prop to improve and deepen your practice. Yoga straps are an excellent tool to deepen your stretches and help you hold difficult ones for longer. However, there are many yoga straps on the market today, so it can be hard to find the best

Best Yoga Pants for Women

7 Best Yoga Pants for Women

While yoga is for everyone, the majority of practitioners in the United States are women. It isn’t surprising then, the enormous variety of yoga garments available for the female audience. Unfortunately, this can make choosing the best yoga pants for women an overwhelming task. The truth is, you can practice yoga in any comfortable, nonrestrictive

Best Weight Benches Featured

7 Best Weight Benches in 2021

Every weightlifter dreams of a home gym at some point during their fitness journey. If you can get the same quality workout at home, why not do it, right? The problem with home gyms typically comes down to a lack of space, budget, and available equipment. But what if the best weight benches (the foundation

Best Deadlift Shoes

10 Best Deadlift Shoes in 2021

Deadlifts are a great way to exercise the core, legs, and lower back all at once. Deadlifts were one of the first weight-training exercises I added to my routine as a beginner, and I can personally vouch for the results. Like all kinds of weight training, though, proper deadlift form is everything. Although deadlift shoes

The Best Toothpaste Tablets

9 Best Toothpaste Tablets in 2021

Brushing one’s teeth is an essential part of our daily routine as humans. It gives us fresh breath and keeps our teeth and gums healthy. But those tubes of toothpaste make it so easy to squeeze out too much, and a lot can go to waste because you can’t squeeze the last bits out of

Best Power Racks

5 Best Power Racks in 2021

So you’ve decided to invest in a home gym? Excellent decision! Home gyms are a great way to get a workout in anytime and maximize those gains. If you’re putting together a serious home gym then you need one of the best power racks! Power racks are the cornerstone of any weight training station worth