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Best Standing Desk Mats in 2024

Best Standing Desk Mats in 2024

The advent of standing desks has provided a healthier alternative to sitting at your desk for 8 hours (or more!) a day. But more often than not, your business-professional-sanctioned work shoes just aren’t cut out for standing for long periods of time. For the employees who have grown tired of sitting all day, and now suffer aching feet because of it, let us introduce you to the best standing desk mats. With one of these cushiony supports under your soles, you’ll be more comfortable and relaxed, which means a more enjoyable (and productive) day at the office.

Our Top Picks

If you’re in a hurry, here’s the short version:

Sky Solutions Anti-Fatigue MatBest Overall: Sky Solutions Anti-Fatigue Mat.
This classic standing desk mat has it all: cushiony support, anti-slip surface, anti-skid base, easy-clean material, and a bunch of colors and sizes to choose from.
ComfiLife Anti-Fatigue Floor MatRunner Up: ComfiLife Anti-Fatigue Mat.
This lower-pile design offers a moderate level of support with over 14,000 5-star reviews applauding its fatigue relief.
AmazonBasics Premium Anti-Fatigue Standing MatBest Budget: AmazonBasics Premium Standing Mat
If you’re looking for a standing desk mat on a budget, look no further than this AmazonBasics mat that truly covers all the basics. 
Ergodriven Topo Comfort MatBest Active: Ergodriven Topo Comfort Mat
Though a bit pricier, this topographical mat features 8 unique points for near-infinite standing positions and a pretty easy foot massage whenever you want it.
Gaiam Evolve Balance BoardBest Balance Board: Gaiam Evolve Balance Board
Whether you’re interested in a work-hours workout or just keeping your core engaged throughout the day, this padded balance board gives you balancing action in style and comfort.
Ergodriven Topo MiniBest Portable: Ergodriven Topo Mini Mat
This miniature version of the Topo Comfort Mat brings it down to 5 unique topographical points that can still be used for near-infinite standing positions on the go!
Genius Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue MatBest with Roller Ball: Sky Solutions Genius Mat
Bring the luxury of a roller-ball massager to your standing desk mat for foot-ache relief whenever you need it.

A Closer Look: Best Standing Desk Mats

1. Sky Solutions Anti-Fatigue Mat

The best standing desk mat overall

Sky Solutions Anti-Fatigue Mat

Brand: Sky Solutions | Design: Flat Mat | Material: Sky Core Foam/Non-Slip Base | Size: 20″ x 39″ | Price: 💰

The Sky Solutions Anti-Fatigue Mat advertises relief from aching feet whether you spend all day in the office or at home. Its soft foam core will reduce stress on your joints and muscles by 32%, which in turn helps reduce lower back pain and pressure on the spine. The beveled edge creates a seamless transition to the floor, so you aren’t liable to trip as you move around. And with the anti-skid bottom, you can rest assured your mat isn’t going anywhere. Available in 9 different colors and 3 different sizes, there’s certainly a Sky Solution for everyone.

  • Water-resistant surface is easy to clean when needed
  • 9 fun color options, 4 of which are patterns to suit any aesthetic
  • Diamond texturing provides subtle traction that doesn’t collect dirt or dust
  • Some reviewers feel that the cushion level of the longer mats is not on par with that of the smaller mats
  • Many reviewers noted color variations between what was advertised and what they received, though this may be due to differences in monitor display

2. ComfiLife Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat

The best runner-up standing desk mats

ComfiLife Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat

Brand: ComfiLife | Design: Flat Mat | Material: Foam/Non-Slip Base | Size: 20″ x 32″ | Price: 💰

The ComfiLife Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat is the best-rated standing desk mat on the market, with over 14,000 full 5-star reviews. It takes our runner-up place only because we can’t give out the “overall best” award twice! This ¾-inch thick mat utilizes high-density foam to relieve stress and pressure on the ankles, knees, hips, and spine. The beveled edge is anti-curling, so you don’t have to worry about tripping as you transition onto and off the mat. Thanks to the fine cross-hatch texturing on the surface, you’ll have plenty of traction without deep grooves that hoard crumbs and dirt. Choose from 13 different colors and 3 different sizes to suit your needs. 

  • Lifetime satisfaction guarantee from ComfiLife
  • Anti-microbial surface is easy to wipe clean when needed
  • 13 color variations with many neutral shade options to suit professional office environments
  • Some reviewers found the lower-pile design to be lacking in the cushion department
  • Though the bottom is slip-resistant, a few reviewers had issues with the mat sliding on slick surfaces

3. AmazonBasics Premium Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat

The best budget standing desk mats

AmazonBasics Premium Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat

Brand: Amazon Basics | Design: Flat Mat | Material: 0 | Size: 20″ x 36″ | Price: 💰

Amazon’s line of budget accessories, aka AmazonBasics, is known to deliver unbridled quality at a fraction of the cost. This standing mat stays true to that mission, providing an excellent anti-fatigue experience via layered foam and an attractive abrasion-resistant cover. It’s one of the best value standing desk mats we’ve seen, with plenty of reviews to back up Amazon’s claims. It comes in packs of one or five, so it’s a fantastic option for you and the entire office. 

  • Diamond texturing on the surface to avoid collecting debris
  • Genuinely stays in place on slippery flooring, even if you’re moving around
  • Abrasion-resistant material won’t scar when you drop your pen during a meeting (or your fork at lunch-time)
  • Mat doesn’t seem to be as durable or last as long as other mats on our list
  • Many reviewers noted an unpleasant smell upon arrival and recommend airing the mat out a bit before use

4. Ergodriven Topo Comfort Mat

The best active standing desk mats

Ergodriven Topo Comfort Mat

Brand: Ergodriven | Design: 3D Topographical Mat | Material: Foam/Polyurethane | Size: 26″ x 29″ | Price: 💰💰💰

Widely considered to be the best 3D topographical mat on the market, the Ergodriven Topo is an anti-fatigue pad with a ton of high-end features. The proprietary Calculated Terrain Design creates 8 different unique points that can be used for nearly unlimited standing positions. By changing up your position and balancing on the various ridges and ledges, you ensure all your muscles get equal engagement and reduce the amount of time any given joint or muscle is pressured and tense. Ergodriven’s signature ‘hook’ feature lets users grab the mat and move it around with just their foot, so you can easily adjust throughout the day.

  • Available in 4 colors
  • You can basically give yourself a foot massage while you work
  • The varied terrain keeps you moving unconsciously to maintain balance and adjust position, which improves circulation, blood oxygenation, and your overall mood 
  • More expensive than most of the mats on our list
  • The mat is almost square shaped, and may not accommodate those who prefer to stand with wider stance than shoulder-width apart

5. Gaiam Evolve Balance Board

The best balance board for a standing desk

Gaiam Evolve Balance Board

Brand: Gaiam | Design: Balance Board | Material: PU/PVC/TPR | Size: 12″ x 27″ | Price: 💰💰

Just like exercise balls that people now sit on while they type, balance boards started as equipment for an exercise routine. Nowadays, they’ve made their way into the office as standing desk enhancers. The Gaiam Evolve Balance Board is a unique standing balance board that provides a cushiony experience while engaging your core muscles via micro-movements. Constructed from durable PU, PVC, and TPR, it’s strong enough to hold adults up to 300 pounds. Moreover, it promotes proper posture and positioning, all while alleviating the fatigue and stress associated with long work days on your feet. 

  • Depending on how much you move, you can get a workout in while you work!
  • Honeycomb cushions on both sides of the balance board offer forgiving support
  • Gentle slope is easier to balance on than exercise balance boards while still requiring consistent micro-adjustments in position
  • Many reviewers noted that the padding on the surface, though supportive, began detaching from the board itself almost immediately, and recommended adding your own glue to keep it in place
  • 2

6. Ergodriven Topo Mini

The best portable standing desk mats

Ergodriven Topo Mini

Brand: Ergodriven | Design: 3D Topographical Mat | Material: Foam/Polyurethane | Size: 19″ x 25″ | Price: 💰💰

This might be cheating, since we already talked about the Ergodriven Topo, but the Ergodriven Topo Mini is in a class all its own. The Topo Mini still offers 5 unique terrain points designed to keep you moving at all times without you even realizing it. Additionally, at about half the size, it’s much easier to carry around with you, making it one of the best standing desk mats if you’re looking to bring it on the road for conferences or even just on vacation!

  • Teardrop center protrusion can be used to massage the balls of the feet
  • Dense foam interior offers unparalleled support without sacrificing comfort
  • Proprietary calculated terrain design encourages constant micro-adjustments to keep you moving
  • Taller people who have a wider natural stance may not be able to use the Topo Mini
  • The smaller size may be too confining if you have a larger desk or multiple monitor display

7. Genius Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat

The best standing desk mat with a ball

Genius Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat

Brand: Sky Solutions | Design: 3D Topographical Mat | Material: Gel Formula | Size: 25″ x 26″ | Price: 💰💰

Despite the name, you don’t need a genius IQ to love the Genius Mat by Sky Solutions. This 3D topographical mat features a variety of different surface points that encourage movement and relieve aching feet. The front edges are rounded with different texturing to aid in pain relief, while the rear ledge sits at the perfect angle for calf lifts. The crowning glory of this mat, however, is the rolling ball built into the center. You can massage the balls of your feet whenever you want. Plus, mindlessly rolling the ball around with your toes is a great concentration aid. Sky Solutions’ proprietary gel formula completely redefines ergonomics and makes this the best gel standing desk mat we could find. 

  • Built-in rolling ball to soothe aches and pains (and it’s just plain fun)
  • Various massage points and support ramps to engage pressure points
  • Water-resistant surface is all but immune to stains and easy to wipe clean
  • Though advertised as non-slip, many reviewers said the mat didn’t have enough traction against slippery flooring
  • The roller ball can be popped out for cleaning and storage, but some reviewers found themselves popping it out by accident while they worked

Benefits of Standing Desk Mats

One of the best standing desk mats at the home office
Image by Cameron Venti / Unsplash

A standing desk mat acts as a supportive barrier between your feet and the surface you stand on. This cushioning helps distribute pressure and reduce stress on your joints, and not to mention: keeps your spine more properly aligned. All of this works together to relieve the fatigue and muscle constriction associated with idleness, which can pose serious adverse side effects long-term. 

There are a few different types of standing desk mats to choose from:

Flat mat standing desk mats are foam or gel cushions surrounded by durable rubber or fabric. These are by far the cheapest options, and their low-profile designs are ideal for most office settings.

3D topographical mats are a newer concept that came out around the same time the standing desk craze began. These flat mats also feature various 3D ‘terrain’ protrusions, such as ribbed bars, massage balls, and wedges. As one popular manufacturer puts it, they act as a “playground for your feet,” encouraging movement and experimentation, relieving discomfort, and even increasing productivity.

Balance boards are only new to the office setting. Standing desk balance boards force users to make subtle but continuous micro-adjustments to maintain an upright position. This keeps the body and muscles engaged while relieving the stress, fatigue, and soreness associated with idleness.

What to Look For

To make sure you’re getting the best standing desk floor mat for you, here are a few things to keep in mind as you shop:



The point of a standing desk mat is to make standing more comfortable. To do this, you need a good balance of support and cushion. Mats on the cushiony end of the spectrum have more give when you stand on them, while mats on the supportive end of the spectrum will give very little. It’s tempting to pick the softest, cushiest mat you can find, because that sounds like the most comfortable. But if there’s no support whatsoever, your feet will start aching just as quickly as if you weren’t standing on a mat at all. The best anti-fatigue mat for standing desk work will have that perfect balance between the two.



The inner material of your mat is what gives it its structure. Most mats will use a high-quality foam or honeycomb gel for the inside. The type of internal material used will significantly impact where your mat falls on the cushion vs. support scale. 


External Material

When it comes to something you’ll be standing on, a non-slip base is a must. The last thing you need is to adjust your position and have your mat go sliding out from under you and sending you toppling to the floor. Most desk mats will have some kind of anti-skid or anti-slip base. Some will go a step further and feature sticky corners to adhere to the floor securely. 



While you want your mat to stay in place, you also want you to stay in place on your mat. If your shoes have good traction, then it won’t matter so much if your standing desk mat has a smooth surface. But many dress shoes don’t have good traction, so you’ll need your mat to pick up the slack. Look for a mat that has texturing on the top to help create the traction you need.



It’s tempting to get a smaller mat to save some cash. You’ll be standing in one place, after all. How much space can you need? But in reality, you shift a lot over time. While you’re working, you may sway side-to-side, lean a little to the left, take a step back to get some distance from your screen, or even spread your legs a bit to change things up. The best mat for standing desk work will have enough room to accommodate these usually-unconscious movements.



You might not care what color mat you end up with, or how it looks visually, but be sure to check with your employer if you work in an office building. There might be standards or restrictions on how things look, and the last thing you want is to shell out for a nice mat that your office won’t even let you use!

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