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The Best Yoga Mats for Carpet in 2024

The Best Yoga Mats for Carpet in 2024

Due to recent events, many yogis have left their favorite studios behind in favor of practicing at home. For those who live in carpeted homes, you may wonder if doing yoga on a carpet is possible. We are here to confirm that you can practice yoga on carpet! Depending on the type of carpet you have, you may want to consider different types of mats, however. This is why we have created a comprehensive list of the best yoga mats for carpet.

Our favorite pick is the Jade Yoga Harmony Mat. We love how positive the reviews are and how it’s thickness and design are perfect for all carpet types. If you want to find the best yoga mat for your carpet, stick around!

Our Top Picks: Best Yoga Mats for Carpet

Find balance with these excellent mats:

  • Best Overall: Jade Yoga Harmony Mat. Made in the USA, this natural rubber yoga mat is perfect for your practice, even on carpet!
  • Best Eco-Friendly: Ajna Eco Organic Yoga Mat. The Ajna mat is made from organic jute and will repel sweat and smells. Perfect for hot yoga enthusiasts!
  • Best Budget: Ewedoos Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat. The cheapest yoga mat on this list, this cushy mat is perfect for thinly padded carpeting.
  • Best Reversible: Gaiam Print Mat. This beautiful mat is available in multiple patterns and colors. It is even reversible for those who like a little variety.
  • Best Large: RevTime Large Yoga Mat. Double the width of the average yoga mat; this is perfect for couples’ yoga or just for a large, carpeted, or non-carpeted space.
  • Best for Thick Carpet: Jade Voyager Yoga Mat. This mat is incredibly thin, making it perfect for travel, transportation, and those with thick, cushioned carpet.
  • Best Durable: Gruper Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat. This yoga mat from Gruper is 6mm thick, has a textured bottom for extra grip, and is perfect for areas with thinly padded carpet.
  • Best Cork: Satori Concept Cork Yoga Mat. The only cork mat on the list, this one gets grippier the more you sweat, and is perfect for medium carpet padding.

1. Jade Yoga-Harmony Mat

The best yoga mats for carpet overall

Jade Yoga Harmony Mat The best yoga mats for carpet overall

Brand: Jade | Thickness: 4.5mm | Length x Width: 68″ x 24″ | Carpet Match: All Carpets | Price: 💰💰💰💰

This yoga mat from Jade is what we consider to be the best yoga mats for carpet, currently. Jade uses natural tree rubber, so it is free of harmful toxins involved in the ingredients and processing of most yoga mats. It is manufactured in the U.S. and will last for years and years. Furthermore, it even comes in a wide array of colors. With every mat sold, Jade plants a tree so that you can give back to nature with your purchase.

A few buyers thought this mat smelled too strongly of rubber, although the smell goes away with use for most. Some also commented that the mat was not thick enough to provide the proper comfort they needed. However, overall, reviewers loved this yoga mat. They said that it held up and remained sticky even after sweaty hot yoga. Despite the thickness being, well, less thick compared to most yoga mats, buyers were really happy with the comfort and support it offered.

  • Excellent quality material
  • Provides just enough support
  • Stays sticky during hot yoga and Bikram

  • Not quite thick enough
  • Smells of rubber, too intense for some

2. Ajna Eco Organic Yoga Mat

The best eco-friendly yoga mat for carpet

Ajna Eco Organic Yoga Mat

Brand: Ajna | Thickness: 5mm | Length x Width: 72″ x 24″ | Carpet Match: Medium Padding Carpets | Price: 💰💰💰💰

This awesome yoga mat from Ajna is our most eco-friendly pick out of this lineup. It is made partly of organic jute fibers, and the company plants a tree for every mat purchase. The jute fibers are supposed to repel sweat and foul odors, so no more stinky exercise. Due to its average thickness, we believe this mat is ideal for low to medium padded carpet. This is a beautiful and excellently crafted yoga mat, with multiple colors to pick from. It is one of the best yoga mats for carpet.

Overall, buyers were pleased with their purchase, but some had complaints. A couple of buyers thought the mat was too slippery for them to use comfortably. Another mentioned that it didn’t seem like good quality material, that it degraded faster than anticipated. However, others were delighted and especially loved the non-slip texture of the mat. They were also thrilled with their customer service experiences and loved the yoga mats’ natural material.

  • Organic, natural material
  • It has a great texture, non-slip
  • Ajna has incredible customer service

  • Degraded relatively quickly
  • Can become slippery when too wet

3. Ewedoos Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

The best budget yoga mat for carpet

Ewedoos Eco Friendly Yoga Mat

Brand: Ewedoos | Thickness: 6mm | Length x Width: 72″ x 24″ | Carpet Match: Thin Carpets | Price: 💰💰

This yoga mat by Ewedoos uses TPE material, which is generally considered eco-friendly. It comes in various jewel-tone colors, in addition to classic black. One of our favorite things about this mat is that it comes with alignment guides on the mat to enable easy use. In addition, it comes with a carrying strap for on-the-go use, for those whose yoga studios are now open! We also love that this mat’s surface is closed-cell, meaning it is resistant to germs and bacteria infiltrating and degrading the mat.

A few buyers mentioned this mat being too slippery for their liking, and some said it had a chemical smell. However, overall, they found it to be non-slip, loved the alignment marks, and those who interacted with customer service were exceptionally well-taken-care-of.

  • Lightweight yet spacious
  • Alignment lines are helpful
  • Customer service is impeccable

  • A bit too slippery
  • Mild chemical smell at first

4. Gaiam Print Mat

The best reversible yoga mat for carpet

Gaiam Print Mat

Brand: Gaiam | Thickness: 6mm | Length x Width: 68″ x 24″ | Carpet Match: Thin Carpets | Price: 💰💰💰

This yoga mat from Gaiam comes in multiple beautiful prints for everyone’s preferences. One thing we love is that this mat is reversible! It has two different patterns on each side, so depending on your mood, you can pick and choose which side to use.

Overall, buyers are delighted with this yoga mat. There were not many complaints. One buyer mentioned that the mat was TOO sticky for them, which is a pretty rare complaint! Another mentioned that the mat smelled at first. However, after airing it out, as Gaiam suggests in their product info, the smell went away. Most buyers were thrilled with the cushioning provided by the mat, as well as how sticky it was. And, of course, everyone loved the pretty designs that were available.

  • Beautiful design
  • It doesn’t slip around
  • Just the right amount of cushion

  • One user mentioned it was TOO sticky
  • Smells strong at first, but after washing/airing out, it goes away

5. RevTime Large Yoga Mat

The best large yoga mat for carpet

RevTime Large Yoga Mat

Brand: RevTime | Thickness: 6mm | Length x Width: 72″ x 48″ | Carpet Match: Thin Carpets | Price: 💰💰💰💰💰

This yoga mat by RevTime is the biggest yoga mat on this list! It is perfect for anyone who wants to share their mat with a partner or friend. It can even double as an at-home exercise mat. Its thickness is perfect for a thinly carpeted area or even can double as a garage workout mat. It is quite expensive, but it is twice the size of a standard mat, so twice the product is twice the price!

One buyer mentioned receiving the mat late and said they had a hard time contacting customer service. That may be an area the company could improve on. Others said that the mat was too slippery for them. Despite these comments, most found the yoga mat to be slip-free, perfectly cushioned, and the perfect size for their large spaces.

  • Perfectly non-slip
  • An ideal amount of cushion to avoid joint pain
  • Excellent for large spaces or taller than average people

  • Double-wide design does not work in small spaces
  • One buyer had difficulty contacting customer service, received his mat late

6. Jade Voyager Yoga Mat

The best yoga mat for thick carpets

Jade Voyager Yoga Mat

Brand: Jade Yoga | Thickness: 1.57mm | Length x Width: 68″ x 24″ | Carpet Match: Thick Carpets | Price: 💰💰💰

This is another yoga mat from Jade, but this one is incredibly thin at just 1.57mm thick. Jade products are made in America, which a lot of people love, including us! Due to how thin this mat is, it would be ideal for those who have a thick, cushioned carpet or rug to use it on. And, best of all, Jade plants a tree for every mat they sell!

A few reviewers felt that their mat was too thin or smelled like chemicals upon arrival. You might want to open it and allow for some off-gassing before your first use. Overall, buyers were happy to report their findings, noting the perfect amount of cushion, the exceptional grip, and especially loving that it is lightweight and easily transportable.

  • It’s exceptionally grippy
  • Lightweight, easy to carry
  • Light but functional cushioning

  • Chemical odor
  • Some thought it was too thin

7. Gruper Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

The most durable yoga mat for carpet

Gruper Eco Friendly best yoga mats for carpet and durability

Brand: Gruper | Thickness: 6mm | Length x Width: 72″ x 24″ | Carpet Match: Thin Carpets | Price: 💰💰

This yoga mat from Gruper is nice and supportive with 6mm thickness. The mat itself is durable TPE material, and the bottom texture provides extra grip for either carpet or hard floors. This feature is perfect for those who like extra cushioning for sore joints or if you have a low-padding carpet. We especially love that there are multiple colors to choose from, for every individual’s preference.

The only complaints about this mat were that it was too slippery and that it became indented quickly. To elaborate, some reviewers mentioned that the mat creased easily, (after being sat or stepped on) or that it arrived creased. Despite these negative comments, buyers were pleased, overall. They mentioned how durable it is, and love the amount of cushioning. Many were pleased to see that it is a very grippy material.

  • Grippy material
  • Very durable mat
  • Perfect amount of cushion

  • Carrying bag is poor quality
  • Some reviewers thought the mat was too squishy

8. Satori Concept Cork Yoga Mat

The best cork yoga mat for carpet

Satori Concept Cork Yoga Mat

Brand: Satori Concept | Thickness: 4mm | Length x Width: 72″ x 24″ | Carpet Match: Thick Carpets | Price: 💰💰💰💰

This yoga mat from Satori Concept is the best cork yoga mat for carpet, in our humble opinion! The mat is cork and natural rubber, for a non-toxic, body-safe yoga mat. The rubber on the bottom of these mats will certainly grip your carpet, and the cork provides grip for your body. We love that sweat literally improves the grip on these cork mats, so it’s perfect for hot yoga.

The main complaint on this yoga mat is about how slippery it is. Some buyers mentioned it being slippery from the get-go. Others stated that it was grippy at first and then became slippery over time. On the positive side, the majority of reviewers loved their purchase. Most found the Satori Concept mat comfortable, slip-resistant, and they loved the natural material.

  • Eco-friendly design
  • Very comfortable, cushioned
  • More natural than a regular yoga mat

  • Too slippery
  • Started grippy, but became slippery with time

What to Look for in the Best Yoga Mats for Carpet

One of the Best Yoga Mats for Carpet
Image by Tam Patra / Canva

There are a number of considerations when choosing a new yoga mat for carpet. For instance — how thick is your carpet? And how cushy do you want your practice to be?

We ‘ve broken down the various carpet padding levels, and what you should look for in a yoga mat for carpet.

  • Thin Padding: If you have a thinly padded carpet or plan to practice in a space with a thin carpet over concrete (like in a garage or home gym), you need to get a yoga mat with some solid padding. Typically 5mm to 6mm thickness is plenty, although buy thinner if you know you like lightly padded mats.
  • Medium Padding: This refers to average carpet thickness, and many rugs are about this thickness as well. This is the type of carpet that has a bit of cushion to it, but it isn’t exactly plush. In this case, anywhere from a 2mm to 4mm mat should be ideal, depending on how much cushion people like their yoga mats to have.
  • Thick Padding: This one is pretty obvious! Any carpet with thicker than average padding, that provides maximum cushion and support probably doesn’t need a very thick yoga mat (unless that’s just how you roll). The average yogi will be happy with a thin mat like the Jade Voyager Yoga Mat.

Despite the exorbitant variety of yoga mats out there, we hope that this list has made your choice just a little bit easier!

Our Process

For this guide on yoga mats for carpet, our team spent 5 hours researching the most popular options from over 10 brands and manufacturers big and small. We then read about one hundred user reviews (both positive and negative) to discover what shoppers thought about each yoga mat. After comparing this data, we narrowed our list down to the top 8 yoga mats for carpet on the market. You can count on this research to guide you to a mindful purchasing decision.

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