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5 Best Wagons for Kids and Families in 2024: Beach, Folding, Canopy

5 Best Wagons for Kids and Families in 2024: Beach, Folding, Canopy

Kids are a hand-full, and sometimes even an armload. That’s particularly true at the beach, on a camping trip, or even just an outing at the park. Pick up one the best wagons for kids, though, and score an easy assist. These wagons help you pack the gear you need where you need it, or simply provide a spot for the kids to rest when walking becomes too much. 

From cup holders for your latte or their sippy cup, to a canopy protecting your child or even just the fresh veg you bought at farmer’s market, the best wagons for kids and families are durable and versatile. They’re like an extra set of hands helping you get your daily errands done or enjoy an afternoon outdoors.

Keep reading to find out how far the kids wagons of today have come.

Our Top Picks

Here’s a quick look at the best wagons for kids to ride in.

Creative Outdoor Push Pull Folding WagonBest Overall: Creative Outdoor Push Pull Folding Wagon
Both push/pull and collapsible, the best wagons for kids to ride in come from Creative Outdoor.
Radio Flyer Deluxe All-Terrain Family Red WagonBest Classic Red: Radio Flyer Deluxe All-Terrain Family Red Wagon
The best red wagon for kids is the Radio Flyer Deluxe, offering all-terrain tires and a canopy.
MacSports Collapsible Utility WagonBest Folding Option: MacSports Collapsible Utility Wagon
For easy storage and convenient transportation, choose the collapsible utility wagon from MacSports.
CGear Multimats Sand-Free Beach WagonBest for the Beach: CGear Multimats Sand-Free Beach Wagon
This beach cart from CGear has everything you need for the perfect day at the ocean. 
Keenz 7S Push Pull Wagon with CanopyBest with Canopy: Keenz 7S Push Pull Wagon with Canopy
For shade and comfort, the best kids wagon with canopy is the Keenz 7S.

A Closer Look: Best Wagons for Kids and Families

Settle in for the long haul. Here’s what we liked about each wagon in our list.

1. Creative Outdoor Push Pull Folding Wagon

The best wagon for kids and families overall

Creative Outdoor Push Pull Folding Wagon

Brand: Creative Outdoor | Collapsible: Yes | Push/Pull: Yes | Canopy: Removable | Price: 💰💰💰

Remember when we were kids, riding around in an old metal wagon bumpin’ and bouncin in the hot sunshine? Trust us when we say, those days are long gone, and the best wagon for kids is one such example. The best wagon for kids is the totally tricked-out Creative Outdoor collapsible wagon, with a steel frame and fabric blend holding up to 150 lbs.

Parents especially like the ample space, and the wheels swiveling 360-degrees. There’s also a removable canopy for shade, or to keep your picnic lunch out of the heat. Fold it up when it’s time to store it, or to throw it in the trunk of your car. Users particularly like all the extra pockets, and the basket offers room for a cooler or a diaper bag.

  • Easy to push
  • Folds/unfolds easily
  • Good choice for special needs son
  • Bit heavy
  • Not great on sand, some say

2. Radio Flyer Deluxe All-Terrain Family Red Wagon

The best red wagon for kids and families

Radio Flyer Deluxe All-Terrain Family Red Wagon

Brand: Radio Flyer | Collapsible: No | Push/Pull: No | Canopy: Removable | Price: 💰💰

Imagine the best wagon for kids, and chances are you’ll picture a classic Radio Flyer red wagon. The world has changed a lot, but red wagons still exist. The best in our estimation is the deluxe, all-terrain family red wagon from Radio Flyer. This time, though, the wagon has air tires, fold-down seats with seatbelts, and a UV canopy.

Also notable are the four cup holders and extra-long, fold-under handle for storage and transportation. Parents call the wagon easy to steer, and easy to put together. It’s sturdy, and off-roads well, and the canopy is easy to put up and take down. Maximum weight is 200 lbs. 

  • Pretty lightweight
  • Fits nicely in the back of a car
  • Fold seats down for extra space
  • Wheels not for deep sand
  • Canopy issues on extra-windy days
  • Safety belts not tight enough for some

3. MacSports Collapsible Utility Wagon

The best folding wagon for kids and families

MacSports Collapsible Utility Wagon

Brand: MacSports | Collapsible: Yes | Push/Pull: No | Canopy: None | Price: 💰💰💰

With space at a premium, folding wagons are a must-have. We like the collapsible, heavy-duty, steel-frame wagon from MacSports. Made from durable polyester fabric, there are four monster-sized all-terrain wheels and a telescoping handle. There are also two mesh bottle holders for refreshments or a sippy cup.

The best folding wagon for kids to ride in is easy to pull, even when filled to capacity, and the handle reaches comfortable heights for the extra tall. Once your kids are delivered, it also ferries extra gear like coolers and baseball equipment. It even handles pretty well on extra-soft sand, we found out.

  • Maneuvers well
  • Fits in most trunks
  • Good for heavy loads
  • Wheels don’t lock
  • No lock on handle
  • Bit tippy on a steep incline

4. CGear Multimats Sand-Free Beach Wagon

The best beach wagon for kids and families

CGear Multimats Sand-Free Beach Wagon

Brand: CGear | Collapsible: Yes | Push/Pull: No | Canopy: None | Price: 💰

Reviewing this wagon brought back some memories because this is the very same wagon we used for our daughter when she was a toddler. What makes this the best kids wagon for the beach is the sand-free dual weave material it’s made from, and the nonabsorbent surface keeping things clean. 

The adjustable handle locks into place, and the four grooved wheels handle well on the sand. It all collapses easily with the simple pull of a tab. Otherwise, this great beach cart holds up to 150 lbs, and has a tight turning radius. 

As well as the ocean, it’s also a good choice for families who camp, and it folds down flat to fit in the back of most vehicles. Should it hit impassable terrain, the tall bars on the front and back make it easy for adults to pick up and carry. The wagon is also pretty affordable.

  • Also good for pavement
  • Front wheels move freely
  • Offset wheels make it easy to store
  • No seatbelts
  • Wheels not wide enough for some
  • Bogs down in deep sand, some say

5. Keenz 7S Push Pull Wagon with Canopy

The best wagon for kids and families with canopy

Keenz 7S Push Pull Wagon with Canopy

Brand: Keenz | Collapsible: Yes | Push/Pull: Yes | Canopy: Removable | Price: 💰💰💰💰

Perhaps the fanciest pick in our list is also the best kids wagon with a removable canopy. The Keenz 7S is push/pull and made from durable aluminum, with a deep body holding up to 110 lbs. Perhaps most importantly, though, there are two 5-point harnesses adjusting to three heights, with 1-step braking and built-in shoe storage. Because we know how easy it is to lose those little things.

Fans of the wagon tell us there’s plenty of space for kids plus some, and when full, it’s lightweight and easy to maneuver. On one afternoon at the zoo it carried snacks, drinks, and even a small ice chest without disturbing a sleeping child. You’ll pay up for this thing, but once your kids are grown it could work nicely for a variety of other purposes, like camping or carrying gear for the community softball league.

  • 5 Color Options
  • Included accessories are awesome
  • You’ll be “mom’n so hard” with this wagon
  • Won’t substitute for a stroller
  • Wheels disappointing, some say
  • This thing ain’t cheap — but it’s worth it

How to Choose The Best Wagon for Kids

Young Kid sitting in one of the best wagons for kids and families
Image by Canva Photos

Still need some help deciding? In our next section, we present some tips for choosing the right wagon for your family. 


How will the wagon be used?

The primary advantage of a kids wagon over a stroller is the extra space to pack everything from diapers to soccer balls, or maybe just the added room for a friend to ride along. Perhaps once your kids have arrived at their destination, you’ll use the wagon to ferry camping gear back and forth from the car, like camping chairs.

Before choosing a wagon, ask yourself where you’ll use it most: the beach or the forest? The park, or just up the street to the farmer’s market. This can go a long way toward helping you decide what kind of wheels you need, or perhaps whether or not you need a foldable or fixed wagon.You may even need a wagon with seats!


What should the wagon be made from?

The truth of the matter is wagons are made from all sorts of things: wood, metal, or plastic. Most of those types aren’t foldable or collapsible, however. To this end, the wagons in our ranking have a steel or aluminum frame with a high-grade and durable fabric.


How much weight and what sort of things will the wagon carry? 

The last point to consider before choosing a wagon is how much weight you need to haul, and what sort of toys the wagon will carry. This affects everything from the maximum weight capacity, to the kind of wheels that might be best for your needs. 

The typical surface you travel over — such as sand, pavement, gravel, or dirt — also plays a part in the kinds of wheels you choose.

The best wagons for kids are expensive. But they’re durable and multi-purpose, and will continue paying dividends even after your kids are grown.

Our Process

For this guide on the best wagons for kids and families, our team spent 5 hours researching the most popular options from over 25 brands and manufacturers big and small. We then read about forty-five user reviews (both positive and negative) to discover what shoppers thought about each wagon for kids and families. After comparing this data, we narrowed our list down to the top 5 wagons for kids and families on the market. You can count on this research to guide you to a mindful purchasing decision.

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